Contemporary Landscape Park

GazonUA and Co.

A simple and highly structured landscape compliments the architecture of the house in a reserved fashion. The front of the house landscape has but a few species of plants, and all of them are evergreen.  The rear landscape is notable for several large blocks of Bobo hydrangeas, curving masses of Hameln grass, and a grove of Himalayan white barked birch. A seating area/fire feature at the water’s edge is planted with Ruby Queen oakleaf hydrangeas, pachysandra, sweet woodruff and hellebores. Several large containers on the pool deck are home to a pair of birch trees, under planted with seasonal plants.

Every bit of the property was regraded in a gracefully volumetric way that eventually rolls down to the driveway curbing.   The outlying landscape is quite park like. A substantial collection of specimen beech in the lawn areas is framed by curving beds of a wide variety of evergreens planted in multiple layers. All of the bed edges are generously planted with pachysandra, so the landscape is equally green on the ground plane.


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