At A Glance: The End Of Buck Week

the tapered Hudson planters

oak garden bench

Steel table in four sections


Breakform V-pot and sphere

event tents

bus stop pergola with oak bench

conservatory table



steel and concrete bench

oak and Valders stone garden table



  1. dave bockman says

    Deborah, is the ‘shagbark’ sculpture for sale?

    • Dear Dave, it was a commission for the city of Sault Ste Marie Michigan. I wrote about it in a post entitled “A sculpture for the City” , if you want to look it up. Deborah

  2. dave bockman says

    I love the sculpture, it is evocative of a nice shagbark hickory! :o)

  3. i’m in love with the round 4 sections steel table….

    • Dear Delphine, the top of this table is made from galvanized pans-some 4″ deep-so you can fill each section with whatever you like. In this case, we did selaginella (club moss) and tumbled recycled bottle glass. The table pulls apart, and can be used as 4 separate tables. I’ll send pictures of how we used it at a fundraiser. The people who purchased it-I have no idea what they did with it. Deborah

  4. Rob Beebe says

    The oak and concrete garden table is my favorite, at least from photographs. But then, there are so many great designs photographed here that it is hard to decide the best. Let’s have another Buck Week next year too.

    • Dear Rob, he does a pretty incredible job of making all of his clients feel like they got the best. I like the diversity-he is comfortable in many circles. Deborah

  5. Ah. I love Buck Week. Fantastic creations!

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